This is a follow up for PC Security Guide.

When your PC is infected with viruses,trojan,malware and spyware what are the necessary things you should do.

1.First delete all cache from your Browsers  like Firefox and Internet Explorer. can use Ccleaner do it for you when you are unable to do it manually .


3.Make  sure your homepage of your browser set to about blank.

4.Disable or Turn off  your system restore points created earlier by windows.

4.Make sure your antivirus is already updated then scan the entire hard drive for viruses.

5.As with antispyware requires scanning if your PC I recommended  using PC Tools Spyware Doctor .If it is not possible to scan use safe mode to do the scanning with antivirus and antispyware.

6.Remove unnecessary toolbars which adds automatically when malwares installed in your PC  from add\remove programs in the safe mode.

7.Update your java run time environment .