Microsoft has already released ie8 beta 1 and as we are using and it is planning to implement privacy mode in upcoming beta of IE8 .

What is privacy mode

With privacy mode when we use privacy mode in browser

  1. web pages you visit will  not be  added to the history list.
  2. The information you entered in the forms will not be saved.
  3. Downloads  info will not be saved.
  4. cookies are automatically deleted.

privacy mode in apples’ safari

Privacy mode has been there already in safari ,so that the history of browsing will not be saved.

  • Open safari browser and click edit and click private browsing


  • It gives a warning that history of pages and info will not saved click ok to proceed.


  • After you finished private browsing select edit and disable private browsing.

IE8 to be also include a button called private browsing in IE8 when ever user wants privacy he just click that button and use private browsing.Microsoft is giving importance to privacy in IE8.

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