Well If you are a person who copies files in between drives and folders.If you are custom to copy files to a specific folder .you don’t need every time to copy the files .Just create a shortcut for the folder which you want to copy files in the Send To menu.

Send TO menu :

Windows uses Send TO option option to make files easily transferred to particular  specified likes of “My Documents “,”Desktop” and “Mail recipient”.

Adding an Item to Send To menu

1.To add an Item to send To menu click My Computer.

2.Select Documents and settings click your username and you will find Send TO  menu option there.

3.Now click Send TO and add the shortcut to the folder which you want to add to Send To

Creating Shortcut  In Send To

  • Now you are in Send TO menu directory now browse for shortcut on by clicking on empty space .


  • Now suppose I want to add Data  folder  in D drive to Send to menu ,now navigate to Data folder through browse and select it and click Next.


  • Give a Name for it and click Finish.


  • That’s it you can now easily use Send TO option to transfer your files very easily to Data folder.

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