It is recommended not to run your PC as admin

Rights of Administrator

When you login into Windows as administrator as a administrator he can do the following things

  • Creating user accounts,Modifying user accounts and deleting user accounts.
  • Editing the registry and deleting the registry values
  • Programs can be installed when users with less privileges unable to install
  • Terminating the processes
  • Disabling the Firewall and modifying system settings antivirus settings ,Firewall settings etc.

The reason for not to Operate you as admin

Almost all Windows XP operating systems when installed as admin and they don’t create any users .They operate the Windows as admin .

Coming to the reason is that almost all malwares requires these admin rights to do

  1. Deleting registry values
  2. Terminating processes.
  3. Downloading files to System 32 directory
  4. Disabling task manager,registry editor and command prompt
  5. Turning of the firewall off.

These are all done by malware when you operate as admin .And when you are operating as user you have less rights so they cant do the above mentioned things.