After Guinness World Record of Most software download in 24 hours ,Firefox3.0 also crashed several times .Firefox has released a minor update for Firefox 3.0

Updating Firefox3.0

Now if you have firefox 3 installed and the minor update which fixes crashes of Firefox3 can be downloaded.

  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. In the Browser click “Help” and select “Check for Updates”


3.Now a Windows opens called software update saying that “a firefox update is available” just click “Download & Install Now”


4.Then it will connect to its server and installs the required update,it is a update of size 2MB,it don’t take so long


5.After the update is being downloaded it will be installed when you restart firefox,just click Restart Firefox Now


6.After installing update you should check whether it is installed properly or not ,just open the Firefox Browser and click Help ,check “about Mozilla  Firefox”.then it should display the version as Firefox3.0.1


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