Revo Uninstaller

If you are using windows add\remove programs feature to uninstall certain programs ,and they are stubborn enough to bothering you to uninstall then Revo Uninstaller comes in hand.

   After Installing Revo Uninstaller choose the program which is bothering you to uninstall ,and select it from the list included in Revo Uninstaller.


Here for Illustration purposes I  consider 360 Desktop to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller.Select  the Program you wish to uninstall and click Uninstall.


Her it gives options methods to uninstall programs which means it scan and remove left over information in the registry and on the hard disk.Which is the special feature I like .Here I selected "Advanced" you can select what ever option you want and click next to Proceed.

                   intial analysys

Now it creates restore point before uninstalling particular program as usual .You have to click next to proceed to to the scan stage after uninstalling of program.


Now after uninstalling program completely ,it scans for the leftover information of the program in the registry and on the hard drive.


Now after scanning if you click next ,it shows the left over information in the registry .You have to select or check the items which are in "BOld" only,click delete  and click Next.


Now it shows the left over information on the hard drive ,then select all here for 360 Desktop I selected all and click delete.Click Next.


Message appears that uninstall has completed successfully click Finish.