Here I am writing regarding how important one’s privacy is and how to maintain your privacy after my PC Security Guide.This you can termed it as PC Privacy Guide.Thinking you left behind your info passwords and bank transaction info on a PC when some one access the PC ,it’s very dangerous.

So here I am giving the ways to protect your privacy.

  1. You can protect your privacy by restricting PC access to others .you can read the full article (Ways to prevent others from accessing your Computer).
  2. Always use NTFS which uses encryption your data.
  3. Use Ccleaner to remove all cache from browsers .

Internet Explorer

Customize Internet Explorer Settings

1.You can Customize Internet explorer so that no info of your should be in the browser’s cache whether it is of web sites addresses,emails,password and personal info.

2.Clear Temporary Files Automatically in Internet Explorer

3.Deleting Cookies from Internet Explorer which carry the info to their servers so it is necessary to clear all the cookies.

4.It is annoying that Internet explorer asks to save for passwords when we visit certain sites Disable them .

5.Set the history of Internet Explore to ‘0’ from default ’20’


6.Uncheck all the tick marks for Auto complete in Internet Explorer



Customizing settings in Firefox

1.If you are using Firefox 3 I will recommend you to disable awesomebar or location bar where we type web site address as it shows the pages we visited as we typing (Disabling FIrefox 3’s “awesomebar”).

2.Set automatically to clear your private data in Firefox .


3.Deleting Cookies from Firefox .

4.set Firefox to not to store passwords for full article see here.

5.Uncheck days to keep the history in Firefox.


6 .If you are using Firefox2.0 there is critical bug which when close your Firefox browser and open ,then it asks to restore session,Read the full article from here (disabling Firefox Restore Previous session dialog).

Clearing Run Command history

It’s often when you type certain commands from Run to execute certain programs,it’s always recommended toclear that run command history.

Clearing the Run command history

Clear History of Recently Opened Documents Automatically

When we open certain documents and programs ,videos Windows shows them in My Recent Documents,to keep your privacy you can set not to list recent documents Start menu and in the run command type gpedit.msc

2.Now navigate to User Configuration\Administrative Templates and select “Start Menu and Task Bar”in the right pane select “Do not keep history of recently opened documents” and set it to Enabled.

history 1

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