I jufirefoxst think adding some shortcuts and tips for Firefox3 browser even though you will find firefox tips in Firefox Tips Archive.I try to touch some of the shortcuts and tips never explained so far .

1.Set your home page in Firefox

see the ways we can add a site as the firefox browsers’ home page very easily

  • Click on the icon of site and drag it to Home button on Firefox browser,that’s it that page is set as your home page


  • Select on the URL of page and drag it to the home button on firefox browser.


  • you can set it in “options” of firefox also just open the URL you want to make it as your Homepage and click Tools ,options and click on the main tab and click Use Current Page.


2.Add a Firefox Bookmark

  • Left click icon in the “awesomebar” and drop it on the Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • Highlight the URL and drag it to the Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Right Click on the page select Bookmark this page


  • Open the Web page and click star button to bookmark the Page.


3.Firefox Search shortcut

Highlight any item and drag it to the search bar and it will open in the current tab.



Tired of watching small text use ZoomIn,Zoomout features in Firefox.

Ctrl+ + ZoomIn

Ctrl+ -Zoomout

Ctrl + T opens New Tab

Ctrl + W closes the Tab.

Ctrl+Shift +T reopens a closed Tab.

Ctrl + L move cursor to the Location bar

Ctrl + K move cursor to the search box

Space bar scroll down the web page

Shift +spacebar Scroll up the web page

Ctrl +R Refresh (Reload) the page

Back Alt+Back arrow

Forward Alt +forward arrow

Ctrl +F find

5.Tag your Sites

You can easily give the tags you like to a site and just click star button location bar to edit bookmarks and give the tag you like example computer.And when you type computer in the location bar the site which you tagged opens automatically


6.Search Smarter with any search engine you Want

In the Firefox search bar even though you set Google as your search engine you can customize your self by choosing in which search engine the results to be displayed.


choose which one you want and click Ok.

7.Find makes Easy

find in the Firefox Browser makes it easy to find what you want ,just type the Word what you want to find in Find by pressing Ctrl +F


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