Having said in the above article why you should not run your PC as admin.

There are cases where you need to run your Computer as admin for Companies and colleges and offices.Then what you have to do to prevent malwares from taking your rights and controlling your PC.

The solution is simple you have to Drop your rights admin for certain program you run which are entry points for malwares through browsers.


  • What DropMyRights do is it takes the current users token
  • And it removes various privileges and SID’s from token and runs a process such as Internet explorer.
  • That token runs the process you required with less privileges.
  • All you to do is drop that DropMyRights to application which do you want to run with lower privileges


Install DropMyRights and it will probably installed to MyDocuments .

Create a shortcut

  • Just browse for a New and select Shorcut and type Dropmyrights path and then type the path of the Internet Explorer
  • EX: “C:\Documents and Settings\venkatesh\My Documents\MSDN\DropMyRights\DropMyRights.exe” “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

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  • And click Next gave it as a name like IE as NA(non-admin) then click finish .
  • Change it’s Icon and right click it and choose Run as “minimized” .

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  • That’s it you now can access that Internet explorer shortcut and Run IE with low privileges.You can do similarly with Firefox and Opera also to run with low privileges.

In the above I explained how to run Inter Explorer with less privileges as when you operating as admin.

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