So I am using Ie7 ,and for a change I just want to to know how the IE8 beta works that released by Microsoft and made available to developers for testing purposes.


I downloaded and upgrade to IE8  from IE7 ,having been said by Microsoft  they are made huge changes in security side for the Browser regarding cross –site scripting attacks,Browser add-on vulnerabilities and social engineering threats.I just don’t want to go into them detail  until final to be released.

IE8 crashes with Google toolbar

So when I upgraded from Internet explorer 6 to Internet explorer 7 the Google toolbar which I installed for Internet explorer 6 is carried forward to Internet explorer 7 and thus when I upgraded to IE8 Beta .

Now when I use this Google search feature which is now inbuilt with IE8 Beta it just crashed

              ie annoy

So I thought this Google toolbar(IE6) is no longer compatible with IE 8 Beta so I removed from add\remove Programs Feature.And it’s working fine now.

Address bar showing previous history

Like firefox3’ s “awesomebar” this IE8 Beta address bar also ranks pages you visited often and makes them available as you type ,which shows the previous entries which was not liked by me again I hope this will be fixed.


Scrolling of Web page

The scrolling of web pages is not good with IE8 Beta .This should be fixed before final release of IE8.


Restore Last Session

As in With Firefox this has also security related bug as when you close IE8 unexpectedly ,when you reopen it it asks to restore Previous session or go to Homepage,restore last session makes all info regarding your privacy is accessed by others.This is not good either.


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