If you are a person who is using Internet Explorer and bored and also haked by various viruses trojans and spywares effecting Internet Explorer.

It’s safer to change gear to Firefox for secured browsing.

If you are decided to change to Firefox know these things which will help you using to Firefox very easily.

Installing Firefox

Firefox 3

Your Favorites  In IE to Firefox

while installing Firefox it automatically ask to import favorites form Internet Explorer so that its easy to access them form Firefox.

Now lets look at how the terminology terms changes in Firefox from Internet Explorer

Terminology Differences

Internet Explorer Firefox
Internet Options Options
Temporary Internet Files Cache
Favorites Bookmarks
Addressbar Locationbar(Awesomebar)
Refresh Reload
Links Bar Bookmarks Toolbar
Copy shortcut Copy Link location
Save Target As Save Link as
  1. So majorly  you can observe” Favorites” in Internet Explore becomes “Bookmarks ” in Firefox.
  2. “Refresh” in Internet Explorer  becomes “Reload” in Firefox
  3. “Address bar ” in Internet Explorer becomes Awesomebar(Locationbar) in firefox3
  4. “Temporary Internet Files” in Internet Explorer becomes   “Cache” in Firefox.

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