Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition 2.0

What is Returnil virtual System

Retrunil is completely virtualization technology that mirrors your PC for actual computer setup and creates Virtual storage disk where you can store your data ,documents while using the system protection feature.

Why We should use Returnil       

Features of Returnil

  • Eliminates consequences of on-line attacks
  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, Spyware, and unwanted content disappear with a simple reboot
  • Enforces settings and protects your user’s internet privacy

    so your PC will run in virtualization environment where all malwares,spywares effecting your PC will be removed by just by restarting your PC.

    Installing and using Returnil


    • After Installing you need to turn on the system protection feature which requires restart .


    • You can save all your data in the virtual Storage disk created by Returnil which will  not be lost when you reboot your PC .
    • You can save your data in other partitions also along with Virtual Storgae disk.
    • All your saved data ,files in Primary Partition “C” will be lost after reboot which is feature of returnil restore which eliminate viruses,spywares,malwares installed during that session.
    • What ever changes takes place will be lost when you exit Windows when running Returnil

                        virtual partion

    Uninstalling Returnil

    Step1.In the system tray right click Returnil and click Exit


    Step2.Start choose programs and choose Returnil and click Uninstall

  • Requirements :Windows XP\2003\vista

  • License:Free

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