IE Antivirus

Another Dangerous spyware urges you to get anti-spyware like Security Toolbar7.1 .

When IE Anti-virus installed in your PC

  1. When you open  every drive it gives message that “your system infected with Dangerous Virus Note:strongly recommended to install anti spyware program to clean your PC and avoid total crash of your PC .Click O.K to download the Anti spyware recommended.
  2. It directly connects to its site.
  3. When you open each drive including CD\DVD you will get the warning message as mentioned above.
  4. It  is installed in “C:\Program files\IE Antivirus”

Removal of IE Antivirus

Step1.Open  C drive and go to “C:\Program files\IE Antivirus” and uninstaller is included there uninstall it.

Step2.Uninstalling IE Anti-Virus is not sufficient when it is included in start up programs and registry keys.

Step3.Refer the below links and download removal tools .

IE Antivirus Removal Tool (Source :

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