So despite threats are increasing based on loopholes in browsers ,Windows and settings set by users ,standards used by us it is recommended , the PC user should aware of these things installing anti-virus and anti-spyware and thinking yes I am safe now behavior ends up in troubles for you and to Your PC.

PC Security Guide

Coming to detailed explanation of total security of windows.

Operating System:The operating system should be used by everyone must be Windows XP SP2 Or Windows Vista

File System:File System Used should be NTFS which is very fast and encrypted than FAT32.

First thing to Do:

First thing to Do when you freshly install your Operating System like Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista is to load all security applications like antivirus , anti-spyware,anti-Rootkit and other security applications which will be explained detailedly below.

Last Thing to DO:

Last thing to do is to scan all your system with security applications and make your system set and fully fresh.

Installing Anti-Virus

After you freshly loaded antivirus

  • If you have internet connection update it’s virus signatures .
  • If you don’t have internet connection download sigantures from anitvirus vendor site and update your antivirus software.
  • Some free Anti-virus softwares I recommened AVG,Avast (for the free list of anti-viruses you should use check out this (Free security Applications you should use)

If you are thinking to go for paid one which offer support as well look at this for (top ten antivirus software List ).

As from adwares and spywares to prevent you should use anti-spywares though some antivirus prevent the spywares also it is recommended to use Applications developed to prevent spywares like anti-spywares.

Installing Anti-Spyware

For Anti-Spyware I recommend Spyware Doctor which is the best I have found and I am happy with its performance .Spyware Doctor prevents main spywares ,trojans and adwares .

(For the Full SPyware Doctor review see here)

Installing Anti-Rootkit

It is recommended to install Anti-Rootkit program which is free from Panda(you can see the full article on it here)

Browsers Security

Now coming to Browsers windows has inbuilt Internet explorer 6 and another good browser to recommend are Firefox and Opera.

Internet Explorer

Lot of users are feeling insecured about Internet explorer as it is easy for hackers to install add-ons and it is vulnurable to spywares.

The main browser hacked by viruses and spywares.Though certain users stick to internet explorer because some webmaters develop sites to run under internet explorer only.Though it can be uninstalled by some ways it is not recommended .You can incerease the security settings in windows by most secured windows XP SP2 and you can upgrade to Internet explorer 7 which offers more security than Internet explorer6.If you think you don’t want to uyse Intern explore leave it and use Browser like Firefox which is more secured.

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

There is no amuse that Internet Explorer gets corrupted due to viruses and trojans.


(you can see how to solve this problem here )

The only way you can improve security is to upgrade to Internet explorer7 and installing updates from Microsoft.

Firefox 3.0

Another browser that gets reputation of secured and more fast browsing is Firefox3.0

Installing Firefox

No wonder Firefox sets World record becuase it is much safer when compared to Internet explorer and gets crashed less times.You can download Firefox 3 from below

Firefox 3

(You can read the Firefox3 review form here).

Major threat to your PC is from Pen drives and Usb devices.

  • If you are the person who wont use pen drives you can disable Usb devices safely.
  • You can read the full article on how to disable Usb drives.
  • The autorun of these USB devices causes spread of viruses resiidng in Usb devices so disabling Autorun prevent some damage.(read the full article about preventing viruses from Pen drives)

Another recommended softwares I will recommend which deletes the viruses from Usb devices is USB Disk Security and Dsikheal

Major virus from USB devices is New Folder .exe .

The total ultimate favorite Program is Returnil which run in a virtual environment and any data changes made to the primary partition will be lost include viruses and spywares.(you can read the Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition )

After all applying these remember to backup your partition with Acronis or Norton Ghost so when windows Corrupts you have secured partition is ready to back up and you don’t need to do any settings .

Browsing Blunders

  • It is recommended to not to download the email attachments from others unless you trust it from a known person .
  • It is recommended to scan all your download attachments .
  • Visit the sites you know ,be careful Phishing sites and don’t reveal your personal information bank account details etc while online.
  • Dont browse Porn sites.(you can read the article how to block porn sites). Dont install spywares into your system by browsing porn sites
  • It is always recommended to use Browser like Firefox which is more secure.
  • Adwares residing in freewares so be careful when downlaoding these freewares.Always download from trusted sites like and others

Anything I forgotten that come to me , I will update this in future

Do post your suggestions.

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