NewFolder.exe virus is everywhere with the Pen Drives,and USB storage devices .

When your PC is infected with NewFolder.exe

  1. Your task Manger will be Disabled.
  2. Your Registry editor is disabled.
  3. Folder options will be missed from Tools in windows Explorer.
  4. Run command will be missed.
  5. It copies it self to all exe files and when the file is deleted new folder.exe files are created.
  6. so it occupies entire hard drive in terms of exe files and makes your system slow.

Removal of New Folder.exe

Norton Antivirus Products of Symantec from Norton Antivirus 2003 to Norton2008 with updated Virus definition remove the New Folder.exe virus automatically.

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Removal Tool

You can download the New FOlder.exe removal tool from here

Smart-virus Remover(credit technize)