Create Games ,Web pages,Mashups of your own with Microsoft Popfly without even writing single piece of code.

Microsoft Popfly

Creating Web pages

  1. Microsoft’s Web creator creates web pages all you have to do is select themes and header text and design your web page as  you like.


2.Save your web page as a project name and you can make changes often.

Creating Games

  1. you can create your own games by selecting various templates form and you can select characters and give roles to them in games.


Creating Mashups

  1. You can create various Mashups that is combining various blocks and interlinking them results like this .
  2. Here I combined Game Trailers,Xbox Live and Warcraft(fig1) to get the result in the fig2





Requirement:Valid Windows Live Id or Hotmail-Id


                    Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

Have fun and Post your Comments

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