What are Rootkits

Rootkits are combination of several programs those which take the control of the system through processes and programs as if taking the administrative rights and controls the system.

Rootkits are named like that as root in linux and administrator in Windows they  take the rights of administrator and gain access to the system resources.The intruder takes the control of the system and makes the system worse as trojans and viruses.

Prevention of Rootkits

  • To prevent viruses anti-viruses operate.
  • To prevent spywares anti-spywares operate.
  • To prevent rootkits security program like Anti-Rootkits evolved from security vendors like Panda as “Panda Anti-Rootkit”.

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                        panda antirootkit

Panda Anti-Rootkit

Panda Anti-Rootkit Features

  1. Scans  processes,drivers ,registry and all system related programs.
  2. If rootkits are found it will show and you can delete them easily
  3. you need to restart your PC to eliminate instances of rootkits after removal you have to scan your PC with antivirus software recommended.


           Requirements:Windows 2000/XP

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