Security Toolbar 7.1 is another spyware  when this spyware installed in your system.

  1. you will observe “online security guide”,”Security Troubleshooting guide”,”video”,”Download programs” these icons appear on desktop
  2. It also install as a add on as “Internet service ” in Internet Explorer”.Check other add-ons  also find suspicious disable them.

Removal of Security Toolbar 7.1

Step1.Open Internet Explorer and on Tools click Manage Add-ons and find “Internet Service” Toolbar and disable it.


Step2.Clear all History Temporary Internet Files,Cookies from Internet Explorer and Other Browsers like Firefox.

Step3.Check your Browser’s Home Page has changed if changed set it to default do that to all Browsers installed in your System.

Step4.Restart your computer and press F8 until you get advanced options menu and select safe mode and click yes to proceed in safe mode.

Now open C:\program files and you can find a folder called “Net Project” and open that folder select Ctrl +a and remove all the files and restart your computer .


Step5.Now open Add\Remove prgs in Control Panel and you can find suspicious prgs like “internet service”,”web Application” “Secure Browsing”,and Windows Safety Alert” ” remove these from add\remove prgs.

Now your system is free from “Security Toolbar 7.1”

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