As with the Virus spreading the cmd prompt will be disabled take a look how to solve this problem


Solution 1:By editing the the registry

By editing the registry we can solve this problem.Registry editing is not easy job so Back up your registry before you edit the registry

  1. Open Registry editor by typing regedit in Run box and navigate to HKEY_CURRNET_USER \Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System
  2. And in the right pane double click “DisableCMD” and set its Dword Value to 0


Solution 2: By using Windows Group Policy Editor

By using the Group policy editor we can solve this problem.

  1. Open the Group policy editor by typing gpedit.msc in run box .
  2. Navigate to User Configuration\System in the right pane double click “Prevent access to command prompt” and set it to  either Not Configured or Disabled.


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