Why Windows is showing FloppyDrive When there is no FloppyDrive Attached to Computer
Sometimes this can happen because of the controller available in the MotherBoard
Event though there is no FloppyDirve Attched to the System Windows shows FloppyDrive Talke a look how to Disable that.
There are two solutions Available for it.

Sol1: Disabling FloppyDrive in BIOS

  • Restart your Computer press Del to enter into BIOS and in CMOS Setup click FloppyDrive A and make it Disabled.When you Save your Changes in Biosyou Won’t see FloppyDrive in Windows.

Sol2: Disabling FloppyDrive in DeviceManager

  • For this in the Windows right Click MyComputer Properties Click Hardware select Device Manager and click it and Expand FloppyDiskdrives and Select FloppyDiskDrive and Right click it Disable it.