Once in a while it may necessary to edit scanned documents with word which can be easily done take  look how to do it.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and is the process of converting written or printed text into into a form that can be understood by a computer. Using OCR, your computer can take text from a scanned page and insert it into a text file, or word processing document.You don’t have to buy any OCR software for this Microsoft Office XP will do the job for you.

So suppose you got a Scanned Document which should be in TIF format,there is OCR done by  Microsoft Office Document Imaging(MODI).(Microsoft Office XP )

Scan your Documents in TIF format so that MODI is able to perform OCR on TIF files.

  • Start Programs   go to Microsoft Office Tools  and Click Microsoft Office Document Imaging .


Now from the File menu click open and Select TIF file which is scanned and open,you have to open each file separately with MODI

  • Now select “Send Text  to Word” button Now it asks whether to insert all pages or selected ones make your choice and Press O.K and your Text is now inserted into a Microsoft word Document  now you can edit ,format your Word Document.

Before Using MODI



OCR Process



After using MODI


Requirements :

Microsoft Office Xp

Scanned TIF File.

O.S:Windows XP Professional SP2