Suppose you have Multiple PDF Files getting trouble to open multiple Files at a time no problem PDFTK Builder  Combines all your PDF Files into a Single File and also Splits Large File into Multiple Files .

PDFTK Builder 

  • PDFTK Builder Combines,Splits,Merges  PDF files.

Combining Multiple PDF files into a Single PDF Document

Now in Source PDF Documents click add and give the Path of the PDF files one by one and now Click Save As and give the location where to save it and give the file name suppose zx , and your Combined file will be Saved as PDF file named ZX.





Splitting  a PDF Document into Multiple Parts

Now again take the Combined file or another one and Click Split on PDFTK Builder window select Source PDF File and Give the Path to it click O.K and click Save Now your PDF file will be Split into Multiple PDF files where your PDF  file is located.





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