Running Internet Explorer Faster

1.Open Internet Explorer
Tools-Internet Options->Set Home Page address to ->use blank->click OK


2.GO to Temporary Internet Files tab_>click Delete cookies
and click Delete files next to cookies it asks you to delete all temp.internet files select delete all offline content also click O.K

3.Go to settings Beside Delete files in temporary Internet files section and put tick check for newer version of pages and select every visit to page ,On the temp.Internet Folder amount of disk space to use put 1mb and click O.K

4.Now go to History tab in general section
Days to Keep Pages of History set to “0” and click clear history O.K

5.Now go to Privacy tab and enable pop-up blocker

6.Now go to the Content tab ->certificates ->click clear SSL state->O.K
And go to Personal information ->click Auto complete->under Auto complete settings ->check only use auto complete for web addresses only->click clear forms and clear passwords->O.K

And go to programs and remove tick mark whether Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser click apply->O.K

Go to advanced and Under browser tick both Disable script debugging.